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Ifairbay is a community of buyers and sellers who belive in a fair play grounds to sell and buy. To help you realise this, we have put togather some of the main issues our buyers and sellers seek support when dealing with us. Please scroll to thhe approriate help section based on your current status and needs.

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I am a customer - Help with my order​

Our customers are extremely important to us and we treat all complaints very seriously.

If for any reason you’re unhappy with  product you’ve bought from us or a service you’ve received, choose a solution for help.

We’ve made it simple to track and monitor your order. All you need to do is to click on the “Track Order” button at the top right corner of the page to locate our tracking system. You will need to enter your order number (this can be found from the email confirmation of your order) and your registered email address. Click on thhe Track button to see the status of your purchase.

When you check out on, you can only specify one shipping address per order.

Shipping to Multiple Addresses

We give you the choice to specify one address per order.

If you’re buying several items from the same vendor, and want to designate that items be sent to different addresses (for example, you want to buy an item for yourself and an item to be shipped to a friend as a gift), you will need to purchase the items separately.

Purchasing separately also applies to multi-shop checkout orders. If there are items in your order that need to be shipped to different addresses, they’ll have to be purchased in separate transactions.

Shipping to a Recipient

If you wish to have an item shipped directly to someone else, all you need to do is to check “deliver to a different adder?” box to enter the recipient’s mailing address during checkout.

Make sure to let the vendor know the order is being sent directly to the a different address. You can do this by adding a note to the vendor during checkout.

  1. Go to
  2. Click register at the top right corner
  3. Enter your valid email address and your password (should be at least 9 or more character including special character such as !@?>)
  4. Select “I am a customer”
  5. Click the “Register” button

Each vendor on ifarbay is managed by an independent seller. The vendor creates or curates their own inventory and managers orders. If you have questions about an item you’re interested in or a recent purchase, you’ll need to contact the seller directly for help.

Sellers can answer questions about:

  • Item details: Like size, colour, and materials.
  • Shipping information: Like when an item will ship.
  • Return and exchange policies: Each seller sets their own policies.
  • Order issues: If you have not received your order or if it’s different than it was described on ifairbay.

How to contact a seller

To contact any vendor on ifairbay

  1. Click on the “Store List” button from the main navigator
  2. Locate the particular store you wanted support from
  3. Click on the “Visit Store” button to visit the store page
  4. Select the “Get Support” and follow the popup to send your support to the vendor

If the estimated delivery window has passed and you still have not received your order, you can choose one of the following options.

If the vendor chose to use a tracked delivery method, you can locate the tracking number in your dispatch email and follow your order through the chosen courier’s website.

If your order is not tracked, feel free to contact the vendor to find out the status of your order. Please see our 24/7 online chat to get support.

Please remember to check the vendor’s delivery options before purchasing your product – in many cases you can opt for Standard Delivery (3-5 days) or Priority Delivery (1-2 days) on the checkout page. 

We have put a system in place to help you resolve any problem with your order. For example, if your order hasn’t been delivered, is faulty or is not as described by the vendor, you can open an issue ticket with the vendor where you’ll be able to let them know about the problem.

If you’re not happy with the way your problem is being handled, you can escalate it to our Cusstomer Services. As an ifairbay customer, you are eligible for our Order Protection Guarantee – in the event your order hasn’t arrived, is faulty, damaged or vastly different to what was described, you could be entitled to a refund including shipping charges (where applicable).

You have 90 days to open a dispute with the vendor; if your problem can’t be resolved by the vendor, your case can be escalated to Admin for further review 7 days after the initial dispute was raised

As we are a marketplace and do not sell anything directly, you’ll need to contact the vendor to cancel your order. Simply log into your account, click ‘View Orders’, and locate the order you’d like to cancel.  

Select ‘Cancel Order’ from the drop-down box next to your order and you’ll be prompted to select a reason for cancellation, and leave any additional comments for the seller. If you choose to cancel your order within 30 minutes of placing it, it will be cancelled instantly. For orders placed more than 30 minutes ago, a cancellation request will need to be sent to the vendor for review. 

Please note: It may not always be possible to cancel your order, as it may already have been dispatched. In this case, please follow the seller’s standard returns process once your order has arrived.

We want to make sure that the products listed on are not only of a high quality, but legal. If you are aware of a product that violates the law (be it illegal, counterfeit, or an intellectual property violation), please complete our Product Violation Form

Yes 100% secure. Buyer security is our number one priority. Without buyers ifairbay does not exist.

When you order an item or a product and make a payment, your money is directly deposited into ifairbay’s secure bank account. Ifairbay will contact you by email or telephone call to confirm that your item has been delivered by the vendor before they received their money. This ensures that your money is refunded to you when the vendor fails to ship or delvers your product. Ifairbay will only contact you when the status of your order shows “complete” (you will receive email notification updates).

In a situation where the vendor can confirm that you have received the item, ifairbay will still withhold your money and escalate the issues to the ifairbay investigation unit. You will be kept updated through the process until the matter has been resolved.

I am a vendor - I need help to sell

Time is money. Millions are making money online. What are you waiting for?

You willneed to complete our vendor Registration Form to become a vendor. Follow these step to complete the form:

  1. Click on the “Register” button at the top right of the page.
  2. Enter your valid email and a secure password (password must contain 9 or more character mixed with upper, lower and special characters such as £!>?)
  3. Select “I am a vendor” button to fill out the vendor registration form
  4. Ensure you have enter the right name for your store. The ystem will automatically creates you shop URL which will be your store home page site URL
  5. Accept the Terrms & Conditions and click on “Register” button
  6. An email confirmation will be sent to the email address you used to register. Please check your email to VERIFY your account
  7. Follow the registration wizard to complete your vendor account.

You can find an overview of your store, page view, orders, earnings, reviews and products. There is also an announcement section. It displays all the latest notice or announcement from ifairbay.

Your Vendor Dashboard gives you an overall summary of your store and activities. From this dashboard, you can easily manage you stores and also get quick insights. Besides that it will provide suggestions on how to make your store more appealing to your customers.

We’ve made it simple to create your products from the Vendor Dashboard. Please follow our step by step guide to create your first product.

  1. Log into you ifairbay vendor dashboard using your account
  2. From the dashboard, select the “products” button
  3. Click on “add new product”
  4. Enter the name of the product, its price and discount schedule price if available
  5. Upload your cover product picture. Use the “plus sign” below to add more pictures of the product
  6. Select the product category from the list provided and select product tag if available
  7. Follow the form to provide all needed information and click on “Create Product” button below

NOTE: Your product can not be published until it goes through ifairbay eligibility process

To ensure our marketplace is safe for both sellers and buyers, ifairbay handles all transaction money when a product is purchased or bought by a buyer. Your vendor dashboard provides detaled information about your earnings after our commission has been deducted and this is deplayed at the dashboard for your notice. Once you’ve sold an item, ifairbay ensures that the item is delivered or received by the buyer as promised before a payment can be made to the seller. This ensures FAIR play grounds for the vendor, buyer and ifairbay.

How to request for your money?

  1. Ensure that you have provided your bank details on your dashboard. We ONLY use you vendor bank details to effect payment. You can provide your bank details if you haven’t by clicking the “setting” button from you dashboard and select “payment”.
  2. From the dashboard, select the “Withdraw” button. Tis will display your Current balance, Minimum Withraw Amount and the withdraw threshold
  3. Enter the total amount you want to withdraw and select “Bank transfer” as a payment method and hit “submit request.

Refund Calculations

With ifairbay, all refund calculations are made from the final order balance for ifairbay and vendor excluding the shipping and tax rates. The shipping and tax charges belong to the vendor only.

Refund without shipping and tax

Let say, you are refunding an order of GHS10 and  ifairbay has a 10% commission rate. Which means the current ifairbay commission is GHS1 and the seller is receiving GHS9.

So, now you are refunding GHS5 from that order. Which makes the final order balance GHS5. Now your revised ifairbay commission and seller income will be GHS0.5 and GHS4.5 respectively.

We can equate this as:

  1. Order balance – Refund = New order balance
  2. Commission = New order balance x 10%
  3. Vendor revenue = New order balance – Commission

Refund with shipping and tax

Imagine, you are refunding an order of GHS12 where you have GHS2 in shipping rate. The admin has a 10% commission rate.

The admin will still receive a GHS1 commission because the actual order value without the shipping is GHS10 (12-2 =10).

But the vendor will get GHS11 (9+2=11).

Remember: The actual order value is always calculated after deducing the shipping, tax and refund.

So now if there is a refund of GHS5 on the order and the vendor is also refunding the shipping or tax.

Now, when ifairbay approves it, it will seem that a total GHS7 (5+2=7) will be reduced from the GHS12 order.

But, in calculation, the shipping will be deduced directly from the vendors account besides the deduction shared with the ifairbay.

So, the equation is:

  1. New order balance = (Order – Refund amount on products) + (Vendor account – Shipping/Tax)
  2. Commission =  New order balance x 10%
  3. Vendor revenue = New order balance – Commission

Note that the shipping or tax has been reduced from the vendor at step 1 of the calculation. So now ifairbay will get GHS0.5 and the vendor will get GHS4.5 but lose extra 2 for the shipping or tax.

Requesting a refund as a Vendor

Step 1: Customer – vendor negotiation

The customer can start negotiation for refund from the your Store Support, order note or directly contact the you via other means (email. phone etc.).

The customer must provide the order number. If the order has multiple items and the customer only needs one product or one type of product refunded, he must include those details.

Step 2: Sending a request to ifairbay

After you have agreed with the customer that he/she is eligible, you will have to create a refund request from your dashboard against the order. Follow this step

  1. From your dashboard select the “Order” button
  2. Click on the order which you want to refund. Then click on “Request Refund”
  • Enter the refund amount and the reason for the refund (optional)
  1. Click on “Submit Refund Request”


Vendor can change the Order Status to Refunded from the drop-down and can also Add Note(s) to the order for reference.

Processing a refund

Step 1: Checking and verifying a refund

ifairbay will receives the request and will process the refund request

Coupons can be a good way to retain your loyal customers as well as gain new customers.To create a new coupon for your store, navigate to Vendor Dashboard and select Coupons. Then click on Add New Coupon. Fill in the fields in the form that you get after clicking on Add New Coupon

Product (Fixed Amount) Discount

Fixed Amount Discount coupon means when a customer uses the coupon he will get a fixed amount discount mentioned on the coupon. Whatever his total order amount is he will get the same amount discount.

To use this option, select Product Discount from Discount Type drop-down.

Product Percentage (%) Discount

Product Percentage Discount mean when a customer use the coupon in his order then he will get a discount depends on his order total amount. He will get a discount of percentage that mentioned on the coupon of his total order.

To use this option, select Product % Discount from Discount Type drop-down